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Convert More Leads with a Good Landing Page

You’ve worked on social media campaigns, you’ve bought Google ads, you’ve worked on pay per click (PPC) campaigns, and you’ve sent out dozens of enticing emails to potential clients. They click on the link you’ve put in a blinking red box, and then land on your company’s home page. For months on end, you have a high click-through rate (CTR) but little to no conversions…

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The Importance of Responsive Design in Email Marketing

User Friendly Website Tips
In today’s digital world, the first interaction we have with clients or potential clients is via our websites. Once a person hears your company’s name, chances are they will Google you immediately to see if you even have a website. While owning a website might mean that your company is legit, it does not guarantee that clients will continue to interact with you. If you’re…

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Indian E-Commerce: Not Your Regular Online Marketplace Anymore

E-commerce is ever evolving and customers too are not shying away from this progress.In fact, taking into consideration the plethora of products and services now available online, the acceptance from online customers is more than over-whelming.
The gradual but assured shift of customers from a brick and mortar retailer to e-tailers is evident from their online usage behaviour, and easy access of necessities or luxuries through…

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Facebook’s ‘Shop’ Button. A Hit or a Miss?

A new addition to the Facebook, the most ubiquitous social media platform may completely transform the e-commerce business with the ‘Shop’ Button.

Facebook is planning to launch its new call-to-action button, the Shop button very soon. This feature will help the Facebook users discover and buy products on the platform immediately, without having to leave the Facebook page. For the Digital Marketers, this spells value addition…

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Playing the Kid’s Online E-tailing Game

India’s children e-commerce industry is still in its infant stages. While e-tailing in general is taking up 29% market share, the kids segment has procured 2%. In 2012 the future for online kids e-tailing looked bright as Firstcry, Hushbabies, and Babyoye, had raised a combined $30 million. Now, Babyoye has been acquired by Mahindra Group, little profit is being made due to logistical issues, and…

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Future of eCommerce Brands in the Age of Millennials

The face of eCommerce is being forced to adapt to the preferences of the hustling, multi-tasking, booming 30% of the world’s population: Millennials.

However, who are these Millennials? They are none other than the Generation Y people who are born between the years of 1980 & 2002.

Google predicts Indian eCommerce to grow to $15 billion by 2016. The future of ecommerce is quite strong, that is…

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