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27 Aug

Have you tried Zumba yet?

  Many people treat Zumba as their form of exercise and fun, and that is exactly what it is - a fun way of exercising! A lot of people have chosen Zumba as their form of exercise because of many convincing reasons. Zumba is dance fitness that combines elements of dance and aerobics. Zumba is fun because it is unlike other types of exercises, it keeps...
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14 Aug

Easy food hygiene tips to keep your customers happy this monsoon!

  We’ve always been told to avoid outside food during the monsoons. Since we were kids, we’ve been warned of the illnesses we can get by eating out during rains. Well, this is because foodborne diseases are most common during this time of the year. But if a few health and hygiene guidelines are followed in the kitchen while preparing the food, then these foodborne diseases...
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