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14 Aug

Easy food hygiene tips to keep your customers happy this monsoon!

  We’ve always been told to avoid outside food during the monsoons. Since we were kids, we’ve been warned of the illnesses we can get by eating out during rains. Well, this is because foodborne diseases are most common during this time of the year. But if a few health and hygiene guidelines are followed in the kitchen while preparing the food, then these foodborne diseases...
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6 Jul

What’s Trending This Season? Food Poisoning. Tips to AVOID the common Monsoon ailment

  Food poisoning is a foodborne illness that arises from the bacteria that has multiplied in the food. Viruses, toxins, parasites, and some chemicals can contaminate food and cause a foodborne illness but bacteria-caused illnesses are more common. Terms such as food contamination are just synonyms for food poisoning. No one can predict when they will be affected by food poisoning, but they can only take...
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