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5 May

Reasons to look into your ‘Employee Health Balance Sheet’


Time to Focus on your ‘Employees’ Health Balance Sheet’!

What’s the most expensive item on your Statement of Revenue & Expenses every month? No points for guessing – it is the ‘Employee payroll’.

Like their bosses, we pay much attention to the personnel cost, their bonuses, their paid leaves, etc. BUT, can we say the same for our EMPLOYEE WELLNESS?

In today’s scenario, few companies have made basic health tests necessary.

And it stops just there.

Post hiring, Companies, and Employers MUST provide their employees with preventive health care packages to ensure the good health of employees on the job.

How is Employee Wellness connected to your Business, you ask?

It’s no rocket science – for a job well done, focus on your workforce’s well-being.

88% of Organizations AGREED Wellness Programs IMPROVED Employee Health & Work Input. Basically, healthy & happy employees result in your business registers going ‘cha-ching’!

By applying for comprehensive worksite wellness programs you will see a bend of the healthcare cost trend. Most often the savings from program participation will be greater than the actual cost of the program.

Among the 22 different studies that looked at wellness programs and healthcare costs, the average return on investment was 3.27. This means that for every dollar that was spent on the program the company saved $3.27 because of reduced healthcare costs.

How is that?

Here are some interesting facts related to employee wellness and its positive impact on corporate firms –

  1. Wellness programs result in 28% reduced sick leaves and 26% reduced medical costs.
  2. Companies that take employee healthcare seriously have a 19% reduction in absenteeism.
  3. 70% fewer sick days for employees actively participating in these wellness programs.

The statistics have ‘Cha-ching’ written all over it! So start typing away the company memo & post at least one of these health-boosting activities at your organization’s activity board –

  1. Company Outings
  2. Encourage Short breaks
  3. Provide good Health Coverage for all employees
  4. Provide Timely Health Checkups

To conclude, ensuring the great health of every employee is also your responsibility, as it directly impacts the profit and growth of YOUR business! Ensure to include Corporate Healthcare Packages to immediately improve the health standards of employees, and for the company’s welfare.

Talk to us and see the profits soar in your Employees’ Health balance sheet!

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