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12 Jul

Healthcare: The New Employee Retention Tool

Employee Retention Plan

Gone are the days of loyalty in the workplace. Organizations are facing problems to retain the assets of the company their employees. According to a study by National Healthcare Retention & RN Staffing Report, the average hospital turnover rate in 2017 was 18.2%, which is the highest recorded turnover in the industry for almost a decade. Since 2013, the average hospital turned over 85.2% of its workforce, making employee retention a serious issue.

To tackle this problem proper employee retention techniques must be put in place. An organization must find out the way to retain employees and it all starts with planning how to retain employees.

Employee Retention Strategies :

Paying attention to employee retention with an ongoing strategy can help reduce turnover, increase patient satisfaction, and improve the experience of your employees. Retention starts from hiring, it is an ongoing process.

Be transparent to your employees.

Regular meetings, considering ideas of the employees, encouraging them to speak and open-door policy always motivate employees and make them feel more engaged with the organization. Which helps reduce employee turnover.

 Improve commitment.

Factors such as fluctuating schedules, heavy workloads, and absences of flexibility in the workplace lead to a lack of engagement and commitment.

These issues can be resolved by conducting a survey, doing informal check-ins with staff, communicating and adapting change effectively and in a proper manner, which will help the organization to recognize and learn about the pressing issue for employees.

Communication and teamwork.

Teamwork is the key to success!

Developing communication skills among the team is very important for cutting on errors, resolving conflicts, and creating clarity around task assignments. When the authority clearly defines work, and responsibilities it becomes easy for employees to work on a specific task.

Give recognition and rewards.

As the healthcare industry is growing with a rapid speed the demand for quality professionals increases, competitive salaries, bonuses, and other benefits are becoming extremely important for retaining the staff. Also, recognizing the efforts of the employee plays an important role it can be done with non-monetary elements like.

  • Annual recognition lunch or dinners.
  • Award for exceptional service or work.
  • Providing education.

Education plays an important role and can help healthcare employees to improve both their technical and people skills,  which are important for providing an extraordinary patient experience and increasing employee satisfaction.

Providing training opportunities, a new skill set development and helping the employees to grow help the employee to develop overall, and achieve organizational goals.

Employee retention has become a challenge to the healthcare industry, and employee turnover is not beneficial for anyone involved. It can be tackled by putting out effective employee retention techniques or putting in place an employee retention plan. Organizations must be prepared for the odds to lose star talent, especially if they have the opportunity to move into their dream job.

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