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19 Jan

Feeling tired at work? Get out of it with these simple tips!


Every day we go through the same monotonous routine, do our morning rituals and brave the day. But it eventually catches up and that late-night movie you watched is giving you drowsy episodes. After lunch, it gets very difficult to keep your eyes from drooping down, and you’d do anything for some shut-eye. 


Here are some tips to keep yourself energized and how to beat the midday slump during the times when all you want to do is drop your head on the desk and sleep!


  1. Stretch and drink a glass of water: getting up will help circulation and your muscles will get the stretch they need. Drinking the water without the distraction of a screen is one of the best natural energy boosters and the best way to beat midday slump.


  1. Grab that apple: people have preferences between tea and coffee but an apple has more caffeine than coffee and its not likely for you to get addicted to it.


  1. Watch a comic video: we all have those favorite YouTube clips or comedy sitcoms that we just cannot get enough of. Take a 5-minute break and watch that clip. This helps in how to overcome sleepiness – by giving your body a change of visuals.


  1. Carry those munchies: there may be various reasons for afternoon tiredness, so here are some tips on how to avoid afternoon tiredness. We feel low on energy and need something to boost it up. Carry a tiffin with some dry fruits or fresh fruits as a healthy option to keep you going.


  1. Refresh yourself: take a wet tissue or towel and place it on your face. Don’t rub it (for all those ladies wondering about their makeup) just place it and let the cool wash over. You can also carry a little tea tree oil and put it on your temples if you have a headache raging on. This how you can overcome your midday slumps


  1. Listen to music: music is an excellent motivator and mood lifter. Put your playlist on, sing along those lines and groove to those tunes. It’ll give you a better state of mind and even increase productivity!


  1. Go stretch, properly: sometimes just walking does not help it there are a lot of things on mind and all you want to do is take a break or a nap. Go to a place in the office or outside (if you can) and stretch. Do those exercises you watch in your Facebook videos. It’ll help you feel more loosened and refreshed. 


These tips are all doable and very effective in day to day lives. Afternoon sleepiness is very common and I hope these tips help you beat that slump!

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