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Category: Corporate Wellness

25 Oct

Annual Health Checks for Food Handlers in India

Why is Food Safety Important? Food borne illnesses have become common amongst the youth. Increase in number of food joints has become an addiction within the youth. Hence, food safety is important as it helps consumers to avoid the risks of food borne diseases. It also helps consumers to prevent various risks related to health such as allergy or even death.   Who manages Food Safety Standards in...
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29 Jan

Tips to improve your posture

Don’t slouch! Sit up straight! We’ve all heard these statements from someone or the other. However, we rarely take such warnings seriously and probably most of us regret not listening to them too. But after you become an adult you realize the importance of posture for your health. But, starting off now too, maybe a good idea to improve your posture. It’s never too late. Work on...
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20 Jun

Working at a PR and marketing agency? Chances are you may be working too hard!

  The PR and media industry has really exploded in recent years in this ever-expanding market. With this, there has simultaneously been a great increase in the number of PR, digital marketing, and media-related jobs. Because so many people are willing to work so much more and harder than expected, these crazy hours and unimaginable work schedules have become the unwritten norm in this industry. However,...
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5 May

Reasons to look into your ‘Employee Health Balance Sheet’

  Time to Focus on your ‘Employees’ Health Balance Sheet’! What’s the most expensive item on your Statement of Revenue & Expenses every month? No points for guessing – it is the ‘Employee payroll’. Like their bosses, we pay much attention to the personnel cost, their bonuses, their paid leaves, etc. BUT, can we say the same for our EMPLOYEE WELLNESS? In today’s scenario, few companies have made basic health...
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